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  Night Life Winter 2024  

Free Entertainment at Bars & Restaurants 

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free comedy

7:30-10 pm, Field Notes Open Mic,

Maine House of Comedy (PORT)

free music

10 am-1 pm, $3 Dollar Deweys (PORT)

11 am-2 pm or 3:30-6 pm, alt. weeks,

 The Barking Chicken (HAR)

1-4 pm, Mill House Pub (MECH)

2-5 pm, Foundation Brewing (PORT)

3-5 pm, Maine Craft Distilling (PORT)

3-5 pm, Open Jazz Session, 

Urban Farm Fermentory (PORT)

3-6 pm, Irish Session, Ri Ra (PORT)

3-7 pm, Open Mic, O'Donoghue's Pub (BRUN)

3:45-5:45 pm, Acoustic Music Circle, Legion (PEAKS)

7-9 pm, Coals (PORT)

8-11 pm, Open Mic, GFB Scottish Pub (OOB)

free trivia  

7-9 pm, Bramhall (PORT)

7-9 pm, Champions (BID)


​free karaoke  

6-9 pm, Charaoke, Blackstones (PORT)


9:30 pm-1 am, Champions (BID)

free games & etc

1 pm, Cribbage League, Rusty Bus (LEW)

2-9 pm, Free Pool, O'Donoghue's Pub (BRUN)


free music

6-9 pm, Open Mic, $3 Dollar Deweys (PORT)

6-9 pm, Open Mic, Definitive Brewing (PORT)


6-9 pm, Champions (BID)

7-11 pm, Original Music Open Mic, Hi-Fidelity (PORT)

free trivia

5:30-8 pm, Rising Tide Brewing (PORT)

6-8 pm, Austin St. Brewery (PORT)


6-8 pm, Blaze Brewing (BID)

6-8 pm, Foulmouthed Brewing (SOPO)

6-8 pm, Fox & The Fiddle (YAR)

6-8 pm, Sebago Brewing (KEN)

6-8 pm, Wessie's Den (WEST)

6:30-8 pm, Coppersmith Tavern (SOPO)

6:30-8:30 pm, Erik's Church (WIND)

7-8 pm, Trivia Galore ($5, winner takes pot)

Blackstones (PORT)

7-9 pm, Jimmy the Greek's (OOB)

7-9 pm, Skip's Lounge (BUX)

8-10 pm, Lazzari (PORT)

free karaoke  

8 pm-12 am, GFB (OOB) 

9:30-1 am, Champions (BID)


free games

3 pm-12:30 am, Board + Games Day, Amigos (PORT)


6 pm, Cribbage, Gritty's (AUB)

6:30-8:30 pm, Music Bingo, Jumpin Jakes (OOB)




free comedy & ect.

7:30-9 pm, Strictly Cheese Comedy Open Mic,

Cheese Louise (PORT)

8-9:30 pm, Port Veritas Open Mic,

Equality Community Center (PORT)


free music 

6 pm, alt. weeks, Bluegrass Jam,

Banded Brewing (BIDD)

6-8 pm, Irish Session, Byrnes Irish Pub (BRUN)


6-8 pm, Coppersmith Tavern (SOPO)

6-9 pm, Open Mic, Free Street Bar (PORT)

6-9 pm, Gritty's (PORT)

6:30-11 pm, Open Mic, Mill House Pub (MECH)

7-9 pm, Bluegrass, Maine Craft Distilling (PORT)

7-10 pm, Andy's Old Port Pub (PORT)

7 pm-12 am, Open Mic, Afrotaste 207 (LEW)


8-11 pm, Champions (BID)


9 pm-1 am, DJ Open Decks, Flask Lounge (PORT)

free trivia  

6-8 pm, Bissell Brothers Brewing (PORT)

6-8 pm, Legends Sports Bar & Grill (LEW)

6-8 pm, Maine Beer Co. (FREE)

6-8 pm, Romeos Pizza (YAR)

6:30-8:30 pm, Batson River (PORT)

7 pm, Cowbell (BID)

7-8:30 pm, Garden Street Bowl (WELL)

7-9 pm, Brookside Food & Drink (WEST)

7-9 pm, Garden Street Bowl (KENN)

7-9 pm, Mill Towne Tavern (SAN)

7-9 pm, Pat's Pizza (SCAR)

7-9 pm, Ri Ra (PORT)

7-9 pm, Tailgate Bar & Grill (GRAY)

7:30-9 pm, Pat's Pizza (WIN)

7:30-9:30 pm, Sea Dog Brewing (SCAR)

free karaoke

8-11 pm, East Shore Tavern (RAY)


8 pm-12 am, GFB Scottish Pub (OOB)

free games & etc.

5-9 pm, Open Game Night, Diversions (SOPO)

​8-11 pm, Cornhole, Gritty's (AUB)




free comedy  

6-9 pm, Comedy Open Mic, Nomad (BRUN)

8 pm, Comedy Open Mic, Mulligans (BIDD)


8-9:30 pm, Comedy Open Mic,

Craft Brew Underground (AUB)

free music 

5:30-8:30 pm, Lost Valley Brewing (AUB)

6-8 pm, Irish Session, Byrnes Irish Pub (BATH)

6-8 pm, Pat's Pizza (BRUN)

6-9 pm, $3 Dollar Deweys (PORT)

6-9 pm, Open Mic, Jimmy the Greek's (OOB)

6-9 pm, Willows Pizza (SOPO)

6:30 pm, Lenny's (WEST)

7-9 pm, Coals (PORT)

7-9 pm, Maine Craft Distilling (PORT)

7-10 pm, Champions (BID)

7-10 pm, Irish/Scottish Folk, Ri Ra (PORT)

7:30-8:30 pm, Bluegrass Jam ($5), Fox & The Fiddle (YAR)

7:30-11 pm, Live Band, Andy's Old Port Pub (PORT)

8 pm-1 am, Open Jazz Sesh, Blue (PORT)

free trivia  

6 pm, Mast Landing Brewing (FREE)

6-8 pm, Elsmere BBQ (SOPO)

6-8 pm, Foundation Brewing (PORT)

6-8 pm, Sea Dog Brewing (SOPO)

6:30 pm, Mast Landing Brewing (WEST)

7 pm, Cowbell (SCAR)

7-8 pm, Byrnes Irish Pub (BRUN)

7-8 pm, Trivia Galore ($5, winner takes pot) Blackstones (PORT)

7-9 pm, Gritty's (PORT)

7-9 pm, Hardshore Distilling (PORT)

7-9 pm, Junction Bowl (GOR)

7-9 pm, Wilson County BBQ (PORT)

free karaoke

7-10 pm, Sliders Sports Pub (LEW)

​8-10:30 pm, Gritty's (AUB)

8 pm-12 am, GFB Scottish Pub (OOB)

9 pm-1 am, Afrotaste 207 (LEW)

9 pm-1 am, Mill House Pub (MECH)

10 pm-1 am, Champions (BID)

free games & etc  

5 pm-1 am, Pinball, Arcadia (PORT)

6-8 pm, Bingo, Definitive Brewing (PORT)

6-8 pm, Bingo, Social Goose (BRUN)

6-9 pm, Musingo Madness, Rumorz (OOB)

7-9 pm, Game Night, East Shore Tavern (RAY)

7-9 pm, Washers (first timers free), Skip's Lounge (BUX)

8 pm, Bingo, Profenno's (WEST)



free comedy & etc

7 pm, alt. weeks, Drag Show, Cocktail Mary (PORT)

7-9 pm, Comedy Open Mic & Trivia Contest, Hi-Fidelity (PORT)

8:30-10 pm, Comedy Open Mic, Empire Live (PORT)


free music   

5-8 pm, The Burleigh (KPORT)

5-8 pm, Thirsty Pig (PORT)


5:30-8:30 pm, Lost Valley Brewing (AUB)

6-9 pm, $3 Dollar Deweys (PORT)

6:30 pm, Lenny's (WEST)



6:30-7:30 pm, Cajun Drop In Jam ($5), Fox & The Fiddle (YAR)


6:30-9:30 pm, Irish Music, Eagles (PORT)

7-9:30 pm, Frog & Turtle (WEST)

7-10 pm, Andy's Old Port Pub (PORT)

7-10 pm, Open Mic IPA, Blaze Brewing (BID)


7-10 pm, Dunn Barr (BID)

8-10 pm, Open Mic, East Shore Tavern (RAY)

8-10 pm, Performers Showcase Open Mic, Flourish (BID)

8-10 pm, Reggae, Maine Craft Distilling (PORT)

9 pm-1 am, DJ/College Night, Afrotaste 207 (LEW)

free trivia

6-8 pm, Definitive Brewing (PORT)

6-8 pm, The East Ender (PORT)

6-8 pm, Flight Deck Brewing (BRUN)

6-8 pm, Goodfire Brewing (PORT)


6-8 pm, Locally Sauced (YAR)

6-8 pm, Odd By Nature Brewing (YORK)

6-8 pm, Olive Pit Brewing (LISB)

6-8 pm, Pat's Pizza (BRUN)

6:30-8 pm, Byrnes Irish Pub (BATH)

6:30-8:30 pm, Birchwood Brewing (GRAY)

6:30-8:30 pm, Brickyard Hollow (NEWG)

6:30-8:30 pm, Jumpin Jakes (OOB)

6:30-8:30 pm, Uno Pizzeria (SOPO)

7 pm, The Outpost (STAN)

7-9 pm, Alisson's (KPRT)


7-9 pm, Arcadia (PORT)

7-9 pm, Brickyard Hollow (PORT)

7-9 pm, Champions (BID)

7-9 pm, alt. weeks, Coals (PORT)

7-9 pm, Craft Brew Underground (AUB)

7-9 pm, Duffy's (KEN)


8 pm, Profenno's (WEST)

free karaoke  

7 pm, Erik's Church (WIND)

7-10 pm, Fast Breaks (LEW)

7-10 pm, Wessie's Den (WEST)

7-11 pm, Chaps Saloon (BUX)

7-11 pm, O'Donoghue's Pub (BRUN)

7:30 pm-1 am, Mill House Pub (MECH)

8 pm-12 am, GFB Scottish Pub (OOB)

8 pm-1 am, Flask Lounge (PORT)

9 pm-12 am, Gary's Olde Towne Tavern (NAP)

9:30 pm-1 am, Champions  (BID)

free games & etc 

5-8 pm, Game Night, Foundation Brewing (PORT)

5:30-7:30 pm, Chess Club, Novare Res (PORT)


6-8 pm, Musical Bingo, Crooked Keg (BRUN)



free music

4-6 pm, Sea Dog Brewing (SOPO)

4-7 pm, Teacher's Day + Live Music, Lost Valley (AUB)

4-10 pm, The Brunswick (OOB)

5-8 pm, The Burleigh (KPORT)

6 pm, Jimmy the Greek's (OOB)

6-8 pm, Flight Deck Brewing (BRUN)


6-9 pm, DJ, Champions (BID)

6-9 pm, Dunegrass Golf Club (OOB)

6-9 pm, Olive Pit Brewing (LISB)

6-9 pm, Thirsty Pig (PORT)

6:30-8 pm, Elements (BIDD)

7 pm, Cowbell (BID)

7-9 pm, Maine Craft Distilling (PORT)

7-10 pm, Captain Jacks (NAP)

7-11 pm, Chaps Saloon (BUX)

7:30-9:30 or 8-10 pm, Frog & Turtle (WEST)

8 pm, Mill House Pub (MECH)

8 pm, some Fridays, GFB Scottish Pub (OOB)

8-11 pm, Andy's Old Port Pub (PORT)

8-11 pm, Gary's Olde Towne Tavern (NAP)

8-11 pm, some Fridays, Gritty's (AUB)


8 pm-12 am, Skip's Lounge (BUX)

8 pm-12 am, DJ,  O'Donoghue's Pub (BRUN)

8:30 pm-12:30, Jumpin Jakes (OOB)

8:30 pm-1 am, DJ/80s Night (dress 80s-no cover) 

Bubba's Sulky Lounge (PORT)

9 pm-12 amBolos (BRUN) 

9 pm-1 am, DJ, East Shore Tavern (RAY)

9:30 pm, most Fridays, Gritty's (PORT)

free trivia

5-7 pm, TapTV Trivia, Crooked Keg (BRUN)

​free karaoke   

7 pm, Cowbell (SCAR)

7 pm, alt. weeks, Obscura (LEW)

8 pm-12 am, GFB Scottish Pub (OOB)

8:30 pm, Tailgate Bar & Grill (GRAY)

9:30 pm-1 am, Champions (BID)


free music  

1-4 pm, alt. weeks, Open Groove Jam, Hi-Fidelity (PORT)

2-5 or 2-9 pm, Thirsty Pig (PORT)

2-10 pm, The Brunswick (OOB)

3-7 pm, Chaps Saloon (BUX)

4-7 pm, Bissell Brothers Brewing (PORT)

5-8 pm, The Burleigh (KPORT)

5 pm-12 am, 2nd & 4th Saturdays, Two Bands

Andy's Old Port Pub (PORT)


6 pm, Jimmy the Greek's (OOB)

6-9 pm, Birchwood Brewing (GRAY)

6-9 pm, Cowbell (SCAR)

6-9 pm, some Saturdays, Olive Pit Brewing (LISB)

6:30-8 pm, Elements (BIDD)

7 pm, Cowbell (BID)

7-9 pm, Maine Craft Distilling (PORT)

7-10 pm, Captain Jacks (NAP)

8 pm, Mill House Pub (MECH)

8 pm, some Saturdays, GFB Scottish Pub (OOB)

8-11 pm, 1st & 3rd Saturdays, Andy's Old Port Pub (PORT)

8-11 pm, Gary's Olde Towne Tavern (NAP)

8-11 pm, some Saturdays, Gritty's (AUB)


8 pm-12 am, O'Donoghue's Pub (BRUN)

8 pm-12 am, Skip's Lounge (BUX)

9 pm-12 am, some Saturdays, Bolos (BRUN) 

9 pm-1 am, Live Music or DJ, Champions (BID)

9:30 pm, most Saturdays, Gritty's (PORT)

10 pm-1 am, Ri Ra (PORT)


​free karaoke

7-10 pm, Romeos Pizza (YAR)

8:30 pmTailgate Bar & Grill (GRAY)

9 pm-1 am, Brookside Food & Drink (WEST)


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