The Portland Cheat Sheet: Power Down and Interact!

I'm Taryn. I created the Portland Cheat Sheet because I was tired of saying I was broke and there was nothing to do. I also wanted everyone– regardless of economic background– to power off their electronic devices and seek personal interactions within the community. 


Please support my vision: Everything Free to Do for All. I can't keep this running without your help.

- Taryn B.

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The Portland Cheat Sheet, updated every Thursday, lists free events and local resources for the Portland, Maine metro area. The region includes Portland and the surrounding towns of South Portland, Westbrook, Falmouth, Cape Elizabeth, and the Casco Bay Islands. (More Maine locations coming soon!)

"If it's free, it's for me!"

Hi, I'm Taryn, your friendly local publisher. I also run Affordable Media Services if you ever need a hand. I launched this site in June 2020 to encourage people to power off their electronics and interact in their communities. If you support my vision there are five ways to support me including some free options of course!  Contact me here.