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  • First, I appreciate you sharing my site with anyone who can benefit. More monthly visitors means greater chances of finding funding to cover more free events & expanding to underserved regions.

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A Radical Experiment of Transparency

Every Dollar Earned in 2022 (updated every Thursday)

Oct 6: My Place Teen Center- $200, GoFundMe

Sept 7: WJZP 107.9, $120

Aug 30: 2022 Artisan Fair Series- $100, Paypal

July 23: Jean- $20, GoFundMe

July 16: Ellen- $25, Venmo

June 27: Eileen- $30, Venmo

June 27: Janie- $30, Venmo

June 23: Anonymous- $40, GoFundMe

May 19: My Place Teen Center- $200, GoFundMe

April 9: Jill- $15, Venmo

Mar 23: Stacie-$15, Paypal

Mar 10: Tiffany- $10, Venmo

Mar 9: Southern Maine Planning & Development Commission Microenterprise Grant- $10,000

Feb 22: Kiana- $15, Venmo

Feb 17: Erika- $25, Venmo

Jan 27: Noah- $20, Paypal

Jan 1: Brian- $25, GoFundMe


2021 TOTAL: $425 

The "Grants I Didn't Get" Cheat Sheet

  • Libra Future Fund

  • New Ventures Marketing Mini Grant (2017, 2022)

  • Creative Portland's Artist Relief Fund

  • City of Portland's Microenterprise Grant

  • Portland Space Gallery's Kindling Fund

  • Biddeford's Engine Ignite Grant

  • The Awesome Foundation

  • Trailblazer First Strides Grant

  • Giving Joy Grant

  • Maine Arts Commission Artist Springboard Grant

  • Venmo Small Business Grant

The Portland Cheat Sheet
Everything Free to Do for All

Hi, I'm Taryn. I designed the Portland Cheat Sheet to connect more people to their community. And by people, I mean myself too.

After years of minimum wage jobs and way too much  isolation,


I got tired of saying I'm broke and there's nothing to do, so I took the dream I had for 15 years and gave it life to see what would happen.


I do everything around here: calling places every day to verify info, checking over 400 local websites; all the editing, web, marketing, and sales. 

Your donations, ads, and grants are my only income for this solo mission. It provides revenue to keep the site going and savings to make the big changes that are coming.


My 5 year plan:

  • Buying a database so events will be searchable by town, date or time.


  • Hiring a graphic designer to spruce up the site.

  • I'll be expanding free event coverage in over 25 towns in Southern Maine, then adding more towns to the mix. 


​Whether you help by spreading the word, sponsoring the site, or donating a couple bucks, please support my vision: Everything Free to Do for All.


After one year, we're a tribe of 2000 people monthly who support free events in Southern Maine. Stick with me- let's see what happens together. 

Your friend in all things free, 


(Interested data experts, software & graphic designers, website builders, and creatives can always drop me a line to share ideas/talk shop.)

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