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Total of all donations, ads & grants in 2023: $116(updated 11/12/23)

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Free Events for All

Hi, I'm Taryn. I designed Portland Cheat Sheet to connect people to their community, especially myself.

After decades of minimum wage poverty and isolation, I took a longtime dream brought it to life in 2021.  


The Cheat Sheet was created after years of being excluded by my income. It made me feel depressed and extremely lonely, and it's why I work hard to find events where money isn't necessary to participate. But I will always need your help submitting events to make this a sustainable community website

Your donations, ads and grants fund big changes coming, like building a searchable database (in progress as you read this), getting a professional redesign, then expanding free event coverage across Maine. 


These days we're 20,000 folks a year who support free events in Southern Maine. So stick with me as I grow- let's see what happens together. 

Your friend in all things free, 


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