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Post Your Event

Pick your favorite way

1. Fill out this event form. 
2. Send your press release to 
3. If you have multiple monthly events use our excel template

(19 orgs and businesses do!)

First, your contact info- this stays private.

Two ladies chat outside a coffee house in downtown Portland.

Image courtesy of Matthew Trump, Wikimedia Commons

Next, tell us about your free, donation, or under $5 event!
(50 character limit)
*Events for March & April only*
10 am
2-4 pm
9 am-6 pm
to give folks a general sense of location
If your event is under $5 or donation/sliding scale, list your prices here. 

*** Ideally, the event should link to an event page which tells the public all they need to know. ***


Thanks for making Portland Cheat Sheet even awesomer! We'll reach out with questions if there's any, otherwise your event will publish soon.​ A new edition posts every Thursday morning.

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